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Match Report for

Northeastern University Women (1st) vs. University of Massachusetts - Amherst Women (1st)
30 September 2017

Location: No location provided

Northeastern University Women: 63    University of Massachusetts - Amherst Women: 5

First full match of the year for the home team due to a rainout earlier and second for the visitors. From the first whistle there was a clear difference in experience and physicality. The Northeastern tight five and their back 3 controlled every aspect of the match which was marred by knock ons with slippery conditions.

The home team jumped out to a 24-0 lead behind two long tries from #15, and two from their pack. Northeastern controlled the tackle area and rucks as they were just a bit faster and lower allowing them to secure their own ball and turn over a number of balls. The visitors added an unconverted try at 32 minutes following a few minutes of sustained pressure, and though they lost the ball at the 5 meter line defensive pressure created a turnover and they were able to touch down. NE added a try with 2 minutes left in the half as number 1 touched down just over the try line. Though the scoring was unbalanced in the first half UMASS had plenty of positive rugby to build on, their scrum started out poor and improved drastically and they were able to eat large chunks of yards when attacking with their backs.

The second half Northeastern looked like an efficient machine, they secured nearly all of their own ball at the tackle and rarely allowed UMASS to maintain possession as they would flood the rucks on both sides of the ball. Offensively they rarely played the ball to their forwards for more than one play and put their 15 in space a number of times who added four more tries on top of her two in the first half.

Players of note were obviously NE #15, also #5 who combined her high work rate and aggression into a dominating force at the breakdown and if she didn’t commit a penalty her presence resulted in positive play for the home team. #10 for the visitors distributed the ball very well when the ball got to her and she had a number of tackles in the middle of the field.

No back chat or unsportsmanlike penalties. One high tackle, one tripping penalty; three warnings were given in the match which all resulted in improved play, Northeastern captain was warned after two offside at the ruck penalties in the first 8 minutes, and both teams were warned at the beginning of the second half for ball carriers not working to get off the ground after the tackle, substitute home prop was warned to keep body position straight in the scrums.

Referee: Akira Do