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Match Report for

Providence Women (1st) vs. Boston Women (1st)
28 October 2017

Location: No location provided

Providence Women: 10    Boston Women: 28

Sunny but setting, mid 60s, full grass but slick surface

Top of the table Providence faces a Boston Women’s team with 3 losses, but all losses by less than a try including a 25-19 loss to Providence earlier in the season. Goal posts were on the dead ball line

The first 5 minutes of the match Providence played in the Boston end of the field but never really threatened to score as Boston made their tackles and when they gained possession they were able to clear the ball with ease. In the 7th minute following a Boston lineout from 7 meters out they had clean ball off the top and #10 was able to turn her opposite number around and walk in for a converted try. On the ensuing kickoff Boston was immediately pinned in their end and were unable to clear. A lazy pass in front of their own try line allowed Providence #10 to respond with an intercept from just a couple meters out but the conversion bounced off the left upright.

With the score 7-5 both teams looked a bit more comfortable. Boston used their #8 to eat up large chunks in between the 22s before utilizing their backs inside the 22. Providence was going to try to turn over the ball at every tackle. Providence #7 and #8 (wearing #20) poached a fair amount of ball however when transitioning from defense to offense it appears Providence was slow to offer support and the ball would be turned over again or there would be knock ons as players were not quick enough to get into good attacking position. Eventually Boston improved their offensive rucking and were able to put Providence on their back foot and #13 scored a converted try in the 25th minute. Providence continued to try to poach ball and get on ball carriers quick but this led to a few penalties for not entering the tackle area correctly and offsides. Not to be outdone in the penalty department Boston gave away a few scoring opportunities by holding the ball on the ground when support was slow to arrive. Second quarter of the match saw an increase in both scrummaging and lineouts which slightly favored Boston. The set piece advantage allowed Boston to maintain pressure and were able to add another converted try in the 34th minute.

At the half both Captains were warned that there had been a few too many offsides penalties and after a short break we were off to the second half. Boston continued to apply pressure with their forwards which left Providence scrambling, Providence had to commit more people to tackles and that left space for the Boston #10 to touch down for another converted try in the 44th minute. Following this the Providence back row and loose head prop made numerous tackles and again turned a bunch of ball over (as well as forcing two penalties) but were unable to turn this into points as they were unable to maintain possession much like the first half.

Both Captains were warned of a climbing penalty count and that negative rugby will be dealt with accordingly. Lineouts became fierce competition as both sides continued to only throw at the front pod; there were complaints from both jumpers about each other but there was nothing obvious as both jumpers were getting hands on the ball. Substitute Boston hooker ended her match early with a 71st minute yellow card for extra curricular activities and Providence was able to turn this into an unconverted try to cap off scoring for the day. 28-10 Boston.

Standout players were Boston #2, #8, #10(c) and Providence #2,#7, #8(c) as they made impacts in both open play and in the set piece. Boston demonstrated slightly better organization on both sides of the ball, slightly better discipline at ruck/tackle, and slightly better in the set piece which led to a comfortable win but the small margin of difference in each aspect of the match more adequately describes the competitiveness of the match

Referee: Akira Do