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Match Report for

Colby College (1st) vs. University of Maine - Farmington (1st)
21 October 2017

Location: New field location this year: field is located behind the Diamond building on Mayflower hill drive, and is set fairly far back from the road, but clearly visible.

Colby College: 31    University of Maine - Farmington: 38

Colby 31 (5T, 3C) UMF 38 (6T, 4C) A battle between the two first-place teams in the division. This game did not disappoint the spectators who came to watch the showdown. UMF started the match attacking the Colby defense with some hard running. The Colby defense was rather undisciplined in their tackling and around the rucks. Colby received a Yellow card about 20 minutes into the match for multiple high tackles. The rest of the half went back and forth with both teams giving it everything they have. At the half, UMF held the score advantage 19-7. Colby came out in the 2nd half fired up and scored a try 3 minutes after the kickoff. This helped start their come back. Most of the half is played going back and forth. Colby was able to tie the match at 24 with about 10 minutes remaining. Colby was then able to punch in another converted try to take a 7 point lead with only minutes left in the match. UMF did not give up and were able to score a try in the final minute. They made the conversion with 30 seconds remaining on the clock. Colby was smart and sent the kickoff into UMF's 22. UMF was able to run the ball out of their end and their 12 broke through 3 Colby arm tackles to score a try from 45 meters out to win the match and first place in the division. Amazing game to be a part of and definitely in the running for match of the year.

Referee: Nathan Schultz