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Match Report for

Salem State University (1st) vs. Eastern Connecticut State University (1st)
30 September 2017

Location: Salem State

Salem State University: 35    Eastern Connecticut State University: 33

The tale of two halves.

In the first half, Salem State came out firing and was in total control of this match. The dominated the rucks and were in complete control of the game. After a halftime pep talk by EC's coaches, EConn came out quickly and scored right away and never let up. Numerous penalties (not through the gate, playing the ball on the ground, talking back to the referee), were caused by Salem State allowing EConn to almost win the game. Valiant effort by EConn, but Salem State secured the win.

Notable players: Salem State: #12, #13 EConn: #2, #14

Referee: Tom Beriau