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Match Report for

Tufts University (1st) vs. University of New Hampshire (1st)
14 October 2017

Location: There is a parking lot right across from 161 College Ave. Bello Field is located in the field complex behind the baseball field.

Tufts University: 27    University of New Hampshire: 0

Cool, sunny day played on a turf pitch with A.Football posts. Both team had full squads and coaching staff. Both teams were competitive bit only Tufts ever looked like scoring. UNH won enough ball in the forwards but their backs struggled to convert the possession into points. Both sides infringed on numerous occasions and conversations were had with the Captains and yellow cards given. Key issues were: Tufts using hands in the rucks, both teams drifting offside in the backs, UNH did not appear to know the offside law at an in-play kick, occasional no arms tackle (players not knowing the law).

Referee: Nick Eldred