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Match Report for

Tufts University (2nd) vs. University of New Hampshire (2nd)
14 October 2017

Location: Park in the parking lot at the address. Bello field is the turf field located behind the baseball field.

Tufts University: 7    University of New Hampshire: 12

The B-Sides were short on numbers, so they decided to play two 15-minute halves. Tufts were guilty of numerous high tackles in the early minutes of the game. I issued a stern warning to the club, and they managed to get their tackles lower. UNH had plenty of opportunities to take an early lead, but improper ball handling hurt their scoring chances. As the half wore on, Tufts had a couple of chances to flip position but could not establish offensive continuity. In the 14th minute, UNH executed a brilliant set series of phases that allowed their backline to form an overload ten meters away from the try line. The crisp passing allowed the visitors to score unconverted try going into halftime.

In the first minute of the 2nd half, Tufts gained a man advantage (four-minute sin-bin). They took the opportunity to flip field position and apply pressure to the visitors. The constant pressure led UNH to pass the ball into their try zone, which turned into a disaster as mishandled pass turned into a loose ball that Tufts fell on to score. The conversion was successful, giving the hosts a 7-5 lead with six minutes remaining.

UNH became determined to win the contest as they made efficient tackles and forced mistakes from the hosts. With one minute left, UNH won a scrum on the host's side of the pitch and utilized their offense. With no time remaining, one UNH player was bleeding from the top of his nose, but I allowed play to continue as I did not want to end the contest in manner. Fifteen meters away, UNH's scrum-half/captain was tackled, and during the ensuing ruck, someone accidentally stepped on his chest, which left him in lying in pain for a few moments. UNH drove the ball inside the five-meter line, but Tufts played outstanding defense, answering every scoring attempt with a hard tackle until UNH's scrum-half rejoined the action and found a sliver of space in the Tufts' defensive line and successfully dove for the try zone. A moment after grounding the ball, Tufts got their hand underneath the ball, but it was too late as UNH scored the game-winner.

Referee: Alec Tolivaisa