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Match Report for

Plymouth State College (1st) vs. Wentworth Institute (1st)
21 October 2017

Location: Plymouth NH

Plymouth State College: 29    Wentworth Institute: 17

Sunny warm day. Game start was delayed an hour and a quarter because of an automobile accident involving the visiting team. Fortunately, none of the Wentworth team was injured. Both teams started off at a rapid pace with good running and strong tackling, but neither team could get into the other teams 22. Plymouth State finally broke through with a converted try in the 11th minute.They tacked on 3 more tries in the 24th, 28th and 37th minutes, one of which was converted. Wentworth made several sorties into Plymouth's half, but each was thwarted by some handling errors or turnovers at the breakdown. Half time score was 24-0 Plymouth. The second half started as a back-and-forth struggle until the 56th minute when Plymouth went down a man because of a yellow card. Wentworth took advantage a minute later with a penalty goal and a converted try in the 65th minute. Wentworth kept the pressure on after Plymouth came back to full strength and scored another converted try in the 70th minute to get within a converted try of Plymouth. Plymouth began to get an edge at the breakdown and finally scored an unconverted try in the 75th minute. Wentworth put significant pressure on the Plymouth defense at the restart but they were not able to produce more points and the game ended with a final score of 29-17 Plymouth State.

Referee: Dan Mannschreck