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Match Report for

Brown University (1st) vs. Salve Regina University (1st)
03 March 2018


Brown University: 43    Salve Regina University: 34

Finally after 4 months I can say "SATURDAY IS A RUGBY DAY!" When better to start the beginning of the New England spring season then a day after a 'noreaster? Since power was out at the Zanarini residence anyway, why not get on the field? Salve Regina is tuning up for the NSCRO Championships while Brown is just tuning up in general. The match was played on the turf at Berylson Family Field and probably the widest setup permitable. This may have been scrimmage on paper (30 minute halves) but the action was full on. There were at least 3 lead changes in the match, Salve was in the lead at the half. I was using a new scorecard and did a poor job of noting when tries were scored, but suffice it to say Brown charged back in the final quarter, dotting down repetitiously. To get some more minutes in my legs, I took on the B-side match (20 minute halves) as we previously agreed in the pre-match emails. A much different game that showed very good athletes taking to rugby. Salve came ahead 10-5. Also, my friend and new referee Michael Adamson came by for his first taste of officiating, taking the AR flag for both matches. Michael has no previous rugby experience save for 2 practices in a Tennessee high school many moons ago. He is a recent Navy vet making his permanent home in Rhode Island. He was for a time my upstairs neighbor where I force fed him rugby during the PRO Rugby and Olympics telecasts. He took to it and came with me to the USA v Ireland match as well. The hook was set after that. He just took the level one and is jumping in. Make sure you buy him a beer when you meet.

Referee: Tom Zanarini