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Club matches can only be entered by the person who has the Fixture Secretary role assigned to them by the Society’s administration.  Contact to adjust the club contacts.


All club contacts have an established account in Who’s the Ref (which is the picture located above).

 To access your account:

  • Go to in the above frame

  • Click log in

  • Enter your email and click need password

  • Follow the prompts.  At some point enter the sport (rugby) and organization (New England RRS)

  • Depending on your assigned role, access to the various aspects of the site will vary.


Go to Fixtures (option on left of page)

Click on the Create New Record icon.  This is just below the Filter Box.


Single matches


  1. Select the competition.  All New England competitions start with New England.  Some are gender-specific (i.e. New England Club Men D1) and some can be either (i.e. New England Friendly).  If entering a B-side match, use the competition the first side plays in.

  2. Select the date.  Be careful as the calendar displays using the European format.  Saturday and Sunday are both on the far right, as opposed to US format which starts the week with Sunday.

  3. After selecting competition and date, a new screen will open to complete the match details.

  4. Enter the start and finish times using the 24-hour format.  For a normal 80-minute match, the finish time is normally two hours after the start time.  If the start time is not yet determined, this may be left blank, but this info will need to be supplied before assignments can be made.

  5. Level, Media, Fixture ID and Pitch may be left blank.

  6. Select the home club’s team from the drop-down menu.  Some clubs have only one side shown, others may have as many as three – get this right.

  7. Select the visiting team.

  8. Venue is only entered if it is not the usual place for the home club.  Examples are Union Point, Moakley Park and Pine Banks, all of which are sometimes used by multiple teams.

  9. Enter any appropriate notes.  These could be:

    1. It’s parents’ weekend

    2. Directions to parking or to a one-off pitch

    3. Caveats like “this might be a tens game”

  10. PROOFREAD before hitting the Save button.  



Use these instructions for anything involving more than two teams.  Even a simple three-team round-robin.


  1. Select the competition.  All New England tournaments start with New England and then specify the game (7s, 10s or 15s) and gender (female, male or mixed).

  2. Enter date and start/finish times.  Two-day tourneys need to be entered as two separate events.

  3. The home team should also be selected as the visiting team.

  4. Select venue if appropriate.

  5. In the notes, explain the format.  Specify number of pitches and total number of games.  List the participating teams as best you are able.  The assignor and/or the head referee will need a final tournament schedule with team names no later than five days in advance.  Provide the name, phone and email of the tournament director.


All entered events will be reviewed by Society administration.  Once a match or event has been created, the club cannot make any further changes.  These have to be done by the Society administration.  The date of the event must be two weeks or more in the future.  Contact for late entries or for any changes.

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