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Rugby Stadium

Why Referee?

In the middle

Enjoy the game from a new vantage point- the best seat in the house.


Referees average running two to four miles per match. A great way to stay in shape!

Lifelong Friends

Meet tons of new people and more importantly, make lifelong friends.


Develop transferable skills in communication, management, de-escalation, decision-making, and building rapport.

Constantly Challenged

Feel  valued for your unique skills and bravery to take on this challenge. Referees learn something new every match.

Get Paid

Make some side cash (to then spend at Ruggers on your favorite rugby gear). The more you ref, the more you make!


Travel the country and world with NERRS national and international referee exchange programs.

Referees across the board share a few common principals; we all want to improve the game and stay involved. But like players in the game, we each have our strengths, weaknesses, and flair.  Our primary focus is player safety, and then allowing the game to be played how the teams want, within law.


Refereeing is unique from coaching and playing in that you can do it just when you are available and do not have to attend team practices. This allows for more flexibility in scheduling. However, there is still work that must happen off the pitch regarding physical, mental, and emotional pillars in order to have your best game on match day. That is why is it important to stay involved with your local society who will direct you through coaching, feedback on your performances, opportunities to go on exchange, and by sharing thought-provoking content and hosting video calls to discuss the intricacies of refereeing. 

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Joseph Kimeameah

I love rugby and everything about it. I became a referee to make the game better and constantly challenge me to be a better referee.

Rugby Stadium
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