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New England Rugby Referees Society (NERRS) provides certified rugby referees for all levels of competition in New England and beyond.

NERRS is committed to elevating the abilities of all match officials and the game.

Whether you're a club or a referee, we look forward to working with you!

Our Goals and Purpose

Improving Rugby in the US

Elevating Referee Performance

Growing the Game

Referees working with NERRS promote safe and fair play so that players can produce their best rugby games

NERRS provides training, certification, re-certification, and assessments for new and experienced officials.

NERRS increases how much rugby can be played by cultivating referees and by coordinating their availabilities.

The world of sports and athletics thrives when supported by well trained and qualified officiating.

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A go-to-partner for officiating rugby at all levels.

Why Competitions Should Partner with NERRS

As New England’s oldest and premiere rugby referee society, we invite competition coordinators to work with NERRS as your go-to referee resource.

NERRS leads the charge in referee development through our member training and education programs to foster safe and fair competition, with the result being more qualified referees being available to support rugby.

NERRS assigns referee(s) that'll deliver the right standard of performance that will enhance your matches and tournaments - whatever level of competition or player development program you have.

NERRS makes it easy to request referees using Match Facts, a powerful online system that makes scheduling your requests as well as processing and tracking payments much simpler


Amelia Luciano

We all just want to give back to the game. I think that's part of what being a referee is, at least when you start; staying involved and doing your part. 

The community of match officials is welcoming and supportive and you still get to work as part of a team. I never thought I would have friends around the country (and the world!) who I would meet through something as simple as refereeing rugby. I learned a lot about myself as a person from refereeing. I have been able to develop transferable management skills and confidence that have helped me in life outside of rugby.

Why NERRS Members Referee

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