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Peter Watson Memorial Fund

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Peter Watson’s Legacy

Peter Watson was a gifted coach, evaluator, mentor, friend, and advocate for referees in New England, the United States and internationally. His endless commitment to the game, selflessness, and unending pursuit of knowledge benefited everyone willing to pick up a whistle. Through this fund, NERRS will continue to provide the support Peter once did helping all in the region who seek to improve and excel at the craft of rugby refereeing, regardless of their skill level, experience, background, or gender.


Facilitate the growth and development of Referee Coaches supporting rugby referees in New England at all levels.

Purpose of Funds

The Subcommittee is to deploy funds in order to:

  • Identify and establish a list of current Referee Coaches with rankings and levels.

  • Develop and maintain a sufficient number of Referee Coaches in New England to ensure all Level 8-10 referees can be seen at least once per year.

  • Develop a pipeline of Referee Coaches based in the Northeast who can work with level 4 – 7 referees interested in furthering their reffing capabilities to pursue the highest level possible, including  National and National Development Panel.

  • Evaluate and provide scholarships to programs that develop Referee Coaches in the US and outside the US.

  • When necessary, provide access to high-level coaching from outside New England for referees who would benefit from it.

  • Develop a program to teach referee and Referee Coaching courses.

To achieve the above, funds may be utilized to 

  • Sponsor individuals for specific events or activities

  • Cover/offset expenses who are Referee Coaches directly coaching New England Rugby Referee members

  • Educate Referee Coaches via external resources (for example, travel costs for an educator coming from outside the society to work with NERRS referees)

  • Educate Referee Coaches via internal resources including but not limited to written materials, podcasts, and videos.  

Fund the Next Generation

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