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Why Feedback Matters for Each Match

  • Teams deserve a voice in the growth of rugby in New England

  • Referees need an accurate, complete view of average/neutral, positive, and negative feedback

  • NERRS needs greater visibility into how teams see the product put on the field

What Feedback Will Enable

  • NERRS will be able to respond to and to resolve concerns

  • NERRS will improve how the society's few coaches are allocated

  • NERRS will better identify referees that merit in-person observation and promotions

Referee Feedback

We are constantly trying to improve our referees. Please share your suggestions, ideas, or anything that comes to mind.

Rate the referee's overall performance.
Rate the referee's fitness.
Rate the referee's control of the match.
What did the ref handle well?
What did the ref handle adequately?
What did the ref handle poorly?
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