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Match Facts 101 For Clubs

The New England Rugby Referee Society has moved from Who’s the Ref to Match Facts (MF) as our assignment platform.

Each club and conference has an established account, and NERRS pre-loaded the primary contact from last season (2022-2023) in the system for each account. The primary contact can log into Match Facts and follow the rest of the process.

If you're working with NERRS for the first time or your old primary contact is no longer associated with the club/conference, please contact Amelia Luciano at to request establishing/updating of the account's contacts.

Officer Responsibilities and Instructions

Primary contacts must ensure the following procedures are done for their club.

1. Update Contacts

  • Anyone who has the role “Membership Officer” can add others and can assign them roles.

  • Login to Match Facts. Go to the “Organization” view by clicking in the top left of the page (as opposed to your personal section).

  • Go to MEMBERS

  • Click “Add member”.  Each club must have 2 members, and there is no maximum number of members.

  • Enter name and email  - Your new member then will get an email to complete their registration.

    • We do not need:

      • Date of birth

      • Gender

      • Postal address

    • At this point, members with the "membership secretary" role can assign the new member roles.

      • Members can have more than 1 role (e.g. one person can set as president and treasurer).

      • A single role can be assigned to multiple people (e.g. both the treasurer and the president might want the “treasurer” role so both will get invoices).  

  • Please clear out any members who are no longer involved in your club’s administration.


    • You also need to update your contact list with a name and email address for the following three roles:

      • Leader (president, commissioner, czar, whatever your conference calls it)

      • Treasurer

      • Chair of Disciplinary Committee


2. Enter your playing venue (or venues)

  • In the Organization section, go to GROUNDS

  • Put in your field’s name and address. This needs to be able to generate a close enough location for GPS.

  • For venues with multiple fields (e.g. Fort Adams or Union Point) use the option to “add fields”.

    • If you don't, the system will only accept one game per time slot (causing problems at places like Moakley Park).

Inform Amelia Luciano that you have done the above, and she will enable your team to input fixtures.

3. Enter games

  • Go to MATCHES, and click the little arrow at the right side of the “add new match” button.  

  • Select game or tournament

  • Select your competition (Club Men or Liberty or Colonial Coast Women or etc.)

  • Select division

  • Select round (2023)

  • Select field 

  • Enter time/date/opponent details

  • PROOFREAD. You are responsible for the accuracy of your entries.

  • Hit “save”

  • Your games will show on our schedule as “pending”, until approved by the Society.

    • Teams that have unpaid bills will remain pending until cleared by our treasurer.

    • If your game(s) don’t change from pending to future in 48 hours, please contact Peter Watson.

4. Communicate with assigned referee(s)

  • When an assignment is made, team's contact(s) will receive an assignment email; Save for your records.

  • The referee assignment from Match Fact includes:

    • Details you entered about the match

    • Referee's contact information​​

  • Once notified of an assignment, CONTACT THE REFEREE(S) DIRECTLY:

    • Confirm the match details.

    • Exchange phone numbers so in the event of changes or a cancellation you can communicate effectively.

User Guides for Match Facts

For more detailed information concerning capabilities please review the PDFs linked below.


Membership Officer

Club Admin

Club Treasurer


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