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Join us! Become a rugby referee in New England!

We look forward to helping you continue enjoying the game and start/continue your career as a referee. There is a lot of rugby played in New England. Join us and help make it a better game for everyone.

There are three basic requirements for being assigned to matches:

  1. Pass the USA Rugby Level 100 Certification Course

  2. Register as a referee on the USA Rugby member portal

  3. Create and use an account on Match Facts

    • Choose NERRS as your referee society​

    • Indicate your primary NERRS region (outlined here)

    • Add your availability, both times and region(s), using the "My Availability" section

New England needs more referees, so the Referees Society and the New England Rugby Football Union will help you with these requirements and any other issues you may have, and once you have completed these requirements you are ready to join the Society and start refereeing!

Contact us to start working with the New England Rugby Referees Society.

Email us at and include any previous experience you have as a rugby referee as well as the following contact info: preferred e-mail, telephone numbers, and mailing address.


​Complete the form linked to with the following button.

We'll quickly be in touch to follow up and get you out on the pitch!


You will be eligible for reimbursement of match expenses after your first assignment, and once you have accepted five assignments in a calendar year you will be eligible for an expanded number of benefits of membership in the New England Rugby Referees Society.


We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

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