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NERRS Referee Exchanges

As a part of our referee development program, select NERRS referees are awarded benefits to travel and referee the Savannah Rugby Tournament, the Can Am Rugby Tournament, Bermuda, and a week refereeing in Gloucester, England.  

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Gloucester Referee Exchange Policy

The New England Rugby Referees Society (NERRS) is committed to providing development opportunities for its referees. This policy, dated August 1st, 2023, outlines the criteria for referees to be eligible to participate in an organized referee exchange with the Gloucester & District Referees Society to Gloucester, UK.


Description of the Exchange

The referee exchange to Gloucester provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Referee multiple matches at a variety of levels.

  • Receive coaching from experienced referee coaches.

  • Experience a rich rugby culture.

  • Leverage their experience for public communication to be used at the sole discretion of NERRS.


To be eligible to participate in the referee exchange, referees must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of two years experience officiating in New England.

  • Have refereed or coached at least five matches within the past 12 months within New England.

  • Be a grade of 8 or better as determined by NERRS[1].


[1] See Grading and Promotion Policy for details on grades. Contact your Development Officer if you have questions about the policy or your grade. The contact info can be found on the NERRS website.


Up to three (3) referees, referee coaches, or combination thereof, will be invited to participate in the exchange. The selection process will be conducted by the NERRS Development Committee annually with support from the NERRS Executive Board. The committee will consider referees on the following criteria, In no particular order:

  • Have aspirations as well as capability to improve to the next level.

  • Would benefit most in their development.

  • Would be willing to learn from the experience.

  • Would be effective in disseminating learnings from exchange upon their return.

  • Would be a good ambassador for the sport and New England.

  • Performance reports from recent matches.

  • Reward for service to New England rugby community

Development Committee

The Development Committee shall consist of a minimum of the following members:

  • Development Officer

  • Director of Appointments

  • Assigner of relevant area for the referee in question


Other Executive Board members, as appointed by and including the President, may also be involved in the Committee.


For all questions about the referee exchange to Gloucester, UK, please contact the NERRS Development Officer.


NERRS Discretion

NERRS has full discretion to approve or deny any referee's participation in the referee exchange to Gloucester, UK. This policy document does not guarantee that a referee will be selected for this exchange. This document provides clarity into the decision making process. By understanding the criteria that will be used to evaluate candidates, referees can better position themselves to be successful.


Effective Date

This policy will take effect immediately.


Changes to the Policy

This policy may be amended by the NERRS Executive Board at any time.

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